July 7, 2015

Ethical Questions Regarding Outsourcing

Ethical Questions Regarding Outsourcing

Outsourcing Core or non-core activities helps companies save considerably on costs and improve profitability. Outsourcing work is recognized as a competitive strategy for success. However, companies have concerns about the ethics of outsourcing practices at the vendor location. By choosing HealthWatch by CHC Solutions you are dealing with a company that addresses your concerns.

Concerns regarding Ethics

Security Concerns

The core concern of outsourcing ethics is confidential information security. Companies need to be concerned about the security systems in place and about the safety of electronic data storage. If your outsourcing partner does not have adequate information about security measures, it might be a good idea to stay clear of them. 

Fall in Service Quality

There is concern that services delivered from half-way across the globe might not meet quality expectations. Companies looking to outsource should check the track record of the vendor and their technical competencies. 

Environmental Issues

Companies are concerned that vendor companies may practice environmentally damaging processes. They may need to conduct periodic audits to ensure compliance. 

Poor Work Environment at Vendor Location

Companies have to impose stringent standards on the work conditions at offshore locations. They need to conduct intermittent audits on the work conditions and review the HR policies of offshore vendors. 

How HealthWatch by CHC addresses ethics in outsourcing

HealthWatch is one of the leading player in health care outsourcing industry. We are completely tuned in to our customers’ concerns about ethics in outsourcing. 

Data privacy and Confidentiality Measures at Health Watch

We have firewall protected networks, encrypted servers, VPN (Virtual Private Network) and password protected systems. These ensure complete confidentiality of our customer’s information. Our work spaces are further protected by the use of biometric access and cutting edge security devices. 

Clear Communication

Health Watch establishes clear lines of communication with the customer. We are transparent about schedules on transition and pricing. Our privacy policies and outsourcing ethics are clearly defined. 

Legal Measures

All legal aspects of the outsourcing relationship are covered in detailed Service Level Agreements with customers. We enter into meticulous Non Disclosure Agreements with employees and third party service providers to protect customer interests. 

Employee Selection Measures

At CHC we believe that a company’s reputation is only as good as the people they hire. We conduct thorough background checks on our employees and follow tough selection processes to choose honest, ethical, and responsible individuals, as part of our team. 

Outsource to CHC, a company committed to ethical outsourcing. We are providers of world-class outsourced services to a global clientele. 

Get in touch with us for our services relating to the outsourcing of your Health Care business processes and this could be the beginning of a long-term outsourcing relationship.

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