November 5, 2015

An emerging leader and innovator in the Healthcare Industry: CHC Healthcare

innovator in the Healthcare IndustryEstablished in 2005, CHC Healthcare Group’s (comprising of HealthWatch TeleDiagnostics Pvt., Ltd. and CHC Meditech Pvt., Ltd.) mission is to deliver the most comprehensive range of Hospital Equipments and Furniture Marketing with nation-wide Distribution, International Healthcare Outsourcing Services and Innovative Cardiac Monitoring and Home Testing Technologies and services.

Elizabeth Holmes had once very rightly said that, “What we’re about is the belief that access to affordable and real-time health information is a basic human right and it’s a civil right”. Indeed in today’s era of global consumerism, the Healthcare industry is facing unprecedented transformational decision driven by the combination of healthcare regulations and reforms. And with Information Technology playing a vital role in helping the industry to move ahead as it goes through the different time-testing evolutionary changes, there is a gradual emergence of various service providers offering different solutions for the consumers read more…

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