July 7, 2015

Advantages of Healthcare Outsourcing

As you focus on the core activities of your growing company, you will also need to deal with your non-core functions efficiently. Outsourcing work is a tried-and-tested model and is recognized as a long term competitive strategy for success. Outsourcing helps you get the focus back on your core business and control costs at the same time. If you find yourself asking the following questions then outsourcing is for you:
* Are we working at optimum costs?
* Are my resources being utilized effectively?
* Are my current resources capable of supporting new technology?
* Is there a quicker, more effective method to handle processes?
* Does my team have the operational expertise to do the task assigned?

Key Reasons to Outsource

Consider the following top reasons cited by companies that have successfully outsourced their operations

Control operating costs

Derive the benefits of lower labor costs in countries like India. Health Care Processes outsourced to these locations are done at much lower rates and at the same quality levels as in the donor location. This translates into major cost savings for companies. They also save on operational costs such as Infrastructure, payroll, administrative costs, HR, power, rentals, and utilities. 

Lower infrastructure investments

Cut back drastically on expensive infrastructure requirements. State-of-the-art IT systems, Highly qualified technical team, customer service call centers and technical helpdesks result in heavy investments to companies. Keep your costs low by outsourcing these functions. 

Accelerate migration to new technology

Migrate to new technologies with minimum downtime and increased productivity and quality by outsourcing IT processes. Enjoy enhanced productivity and quality. 

Get access to world-class capabilities and improve operational performance

Get access to world-class capabilities and infrastructure. Have processes delivered by dedicated teams that have operational and domain expertise in the outsourced process. Their experience in the field translates into greater operational efficiencies. 

One-time applications

Avoid expensive short term outlays. Outsource one-time applications which have to be ramped up in relatively short time and require high manpower resources. 

Overcome seasonal workflows

Overcome seasonal fluctuations in work and lack of workers during holidays and off-seasons. Deal with peak workloads and smaller staff during vacations by outsourcing these functions. 

Enhance risk management

Get protection from natural calamities, accidents, market fluctuations, or technical crises. Disaster recovery mechanisms and detailed back up plans provided by the offshore partner will help you to respond rapidly and get operations back on track quickly. 

Health Care Outsourcing as a business model

Though there have been a lot of controversies regarding Health Care outsourcing, the overwhelming advantages of outsourcing speak for themselves. More companies are drawing up plans to outsource work to offshore locations. Many companies now base their entire business plan around the delegation of functions to external service providers. According to some experts outsourcing is not simply a way of cutting costs; it is now a business model. 

The trend is clearly in favor of outsourcing larger volumes of work. Offshore vendors are moving up the value chain to include in their service offerings a range of additional services that require greater skills, research support, and expertise. As offshore vendors become more streamlined and improvise on the offshore outsourcing model, it is not difficult to see why outsourcing is here to stay. 

Outsourcing to Health Watch by CHC

Consider outsourcing your some of the core and non-core operations to Health Watch by CHC. We are providers of world-class outsourced services to a global clientele. We have multiple delivery centers across India. At Health Watch, we have proven competencies in a range of services such as Holter Monitoring, Cardiac Event Monitoring, Medical Transcription, Sleep Scoring, Medical Billing and Coding and more. 

Get in touch with us for our services relating to the outsourcing of your Health Care business processes and this could be the beginning of a long-term outsourcing relationship.

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